Rod Durick
  Supreme Emperor
  Makeup & Effects
  & Everything Else
   Fearsome, isn't he?
It all started one stormy Halloween night - many, many years ago...

Rod is a self taught effects makeup artist and avid horror fan. He got his start doing makeup for friends and family for their Halloween costumes, learning a little more with every cut and bruise he applied.

After some time (and a lot of money), he had turned effects makeup into a hobby. He found that he really enjoyed making people uncomfortable.

After some more time (and more money), Rod decided to try and turn his hobby into his career... maybe make someone else buy his makeup supplies for a change.

In the pursuit of his goal, Rod picked up other talents along the way. Photography, lighting and prop building (among other talents) all seemed to be milestones along his path.

The problem is that no one knew who Rod was. Romero and Spielberg were definitely not beating a path to his door. So, doing what any internet savvy horror effects artist photographer would do, Rod got himself a website. Zombified Studios started as nothing more than a showplace for his makeup work. He even had a MySpace page - back when MySpace was a thing - so the kids would know how to find him.

With the website up and running, (and MySpace still somewhat popular) it was inevitable that Rod would run into other makeup artists and film makers in Western New York - the area is just not that big.

Rod thought to himself, "An effects artist and film makers... all in the same area code? Hmmm..."

Then it clicked. Why spend all of his time trying to get hired to work on someone else's movie when he could team up with some people and make his own!

That is when took on a life of it's own. After Rod realized how much WNY had to offer by way of talented people, he expanded the scope of the site and brought others into the "Zombified Fold". He turned his little gallery site into the store front , so to speak, of a brand new production house.